Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm a morning person, the moment my eyes peel open I go from 0 to 60 and I am completely and fully awake. Today I sprung up at 6:00, so much for a Sunday lie-in! It might help that breakfast is my absolutely favorite thing in the world. I will go to great lengths if there are promises of toast and eggs afterwards! A girls gotta have her motives.

Today I spent my early morning going to the farmers market and moseying around the neighborhood. Living in DC makes me feel like an explorer. I walk around the sidewalks, absolutely no idea where I am going, just letting my feet lead the way, discovering new and neat things the whole way. I also went to CVS, here a picture!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loving the Weekend

Walked around Dupont Circle this morning, although it still more humid and hot than molten lava, but it was absolutely gorgeous out. Seriously, the sky was the most beautiful blue I've seen in ages.

 You thought I was lying about the sky didn't you? PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.

 It scared me, guess it's working.

  I have sort of a thing for alley pictures. I'm looking into cures, but until then.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Of Art and Bugs

My dear internet friends, I need your support and absolution if you feel up to give it. Forgive me interwebs, for I have murdered. This, is the face of infestation. Please note I did not actually take this photo because I was too busy crying and screaming bloody murder. Insects and I are sooooo not on good terms. In fact the last thing the three-inch-long sixty legged little sir heard before meeting his maker (aka a gigantic wad of toilet paper) was my disturbed cry of "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!"
The great sage Google told me (after I ran a search for common apartment bugs) these many-legged devils go under the alias of silverfish or mustache bugs. I am going to file this under a case of false advertisement, mustache bug sounds fun! Look at me I'm a mustache bug! Nothing about these things is as fun as a great 'stache. I killed three of them before ten o'clock this morning...IN THE BATHROOM. Where are you at your most vulnerable? IN THE BATHROOM. Bathrooms are places for bare-feet, pants around ankles, or no pants at all! There are very few layers of protection from these bugs in the bathroom! My Mom has a theory that they crawl up the bathroom drain. That sound you hear? It is a combination of me throwing up and crying. So sorry to start off with such grisly details, lets continue shall we?

Weather update: It's still hot as an Amish oven here, thermometers tapped at around 105 degrees. Sheesh. I used this an opportunity to stay local (and in as much air conditioning as possible) and visited the Phillips Collection, a super fab art museum here in Dupont Circle.

 More Van Gogh! He tickles my fancy.
 The great thing about this museum is you feel like you are visiting a super cool (and rich) friend's house. It's all very cozy, personal and very much enjoyable.
Hello Edward Hopper, nice to see you just hanging around. Should you ever get bored here, I know another certain fireplace where you can hang on or around my mantle. (I bet he gets that all the time).

Check out who I found hanging around the hood! I think they should make water come out of the trunk, just a suggestion.
 Doors are cool.

Here is a picture of me getting ready to head out. I am allowed to do vain things like this because this blog is named after me, durrrrrrr. I'm wearing a sparkly tank from ye ol' H&M and brown cotton shorts from Forever21. Life on a budget 'yall.
 And best for last, LOOK!! SPROUTS! There was only one when I left this morning but I came back to two little guys breaking surface! Grow steady little friends!

But anyway it's Friday (hoorahhh!!) So what do you have planned? Something fun I hope!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Big Red Cart

I have no sense of direction. Pair my complete lack of direction up with my tendency to get spastic when distracted or overwhelmed, and my afternoon trip to Safeway was damned from the start. Let me start with exhibit A: the big red cart.
 Don't let my posing and dancing with the red cart confuse you, we have a tumultuous relationship.

I took a wrong turn on the way to to the grocery store and the big red cart and I almost ended up at the White House. I turned too early because I was A) distracted by a hoard of natively dressed Peruvians sauntering down the sidewalk. B) I am a horrible cart driver and was flustered after running into every single curb and narrowly missing some rushed looking businessmen and poor Asian tourists (I felt like I should apologize on behalf of this great nation) and C) I was sweating my balls off.

So the big red cart and I walked 15 minutes in the completely wrong direction, stopping every now and then to mop my sweating face off with an old Starbucks napkin I found in the bottom of my purse. Let me tell you something, the weatherman lies. This morning he was going on and on about how it we are lucky to have one last beautiful day before the humidity returns. Lies. All lies. It is humid as a tea party in hell out there.

Retracing my steps and starting over, the card an I finally make it Safeway (mopping my brow with the gross old napkin the whole way). After taking almost taking out every endcap and cheese display in Safeway I finally made it home! Hip-hip-hoorah! And I have nooooooo plans to ever leave my air conditioned apartment again.

And just in case you weren't already thinking that I am the most spastic person alive let me regale you with another tale, this one takes place in Starbucks. After all my moseying around yesterday I thought the perfect way to cool down would be to stop in a Starbucks for an Iced Chai Tea, sounds dream, no? I walk in and order, no problemo, but when I push on the door to exit, no go. I always push doors that should be pulled so I'm not worried and go to give the door a little pull, still nothing. Now I look around in a panic to see if anyone is paying attention to the obviously brain damaged girl unable to exit the store, the store is packed with people getting their caffeine fix after work and two men in a meeting right next to the door are giving me some weird side-eye. What gives? I jiggle the door, a little push here, pull there. Nothing!

Another woman comes over and gives it a go, to which I feel soooo much better when she can't get it to open. I'm not a complete embarrassment! Horrah! Finally fifteen minutes later the Barista comes over and I begin envisioning how I could spend the rest of my life stuck inside this Starbucks, talk about a social experiment. Finally, just as the walls are starting to close in around me the barista has mastered the lock and I'm free. Fresh air never tasted so good.

Here! A random picture of the metro to end on! Wooo!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Capital and Smithsonian Art Museums

Today was an aimless day. I took the metro to the Smithsonian and just popped in whatever museum I passed by. Sometimes this worked, I loved the National Gallery of Art, where I saw Picasso's, VanGogh's, Monet, Renoir, the whole gang was there.  Sometimes random museum hopping backfired like with the Smithsonian Castle (which I may not have given a fair chance, I was out once I saw a crypt) and the Freer Art Gallery (Asian art just isn't my thing, but I do love me some Asian food.

 A VanGogh (who, no lie, I'm into just because of Doctor Who)

 Ohhhh, ahhhhh, a rock!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In which I walk a lot and get very very lost

Boy are my dogs achin', I don't want to exaggerate, but I probably walked about 38.5 miles today-just putting it out there. I started out this morning by walking to Georgetown, it's amazing, literally everything you could ever want is there.