Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walking Around the District

I went on a little apr├ęs diner walk with Roger the other day to the White House. I got e-mails about an environmental protest by the group 350 and we wanted to see how they weathered their little camp-out with the whole hurricane....they were nowhere to be found! Here are all the things I did see:
Who knew there was a Scouting monument? Now we all do!
The fountain was full of debris from the Hurricane.
I saw the CUTEST little dog walking outside of the White House. It took him 90 steps to keep up with his people's 1 step. Not picture:White House (My bad)
Sunset shot! I have no clue who is actually cast in this shot in the main role of statue. Let's go with Alexander Hamilton. There you have it folks, Alexander Hamilton.
I do a lot of street crossing here in the District, it only seemed right to capture the moment.

It was a lovely lovely night out so there were a lot of youth by the fountain in Dupont Circle. These are my peers.
Cute Bistrot!
Keep it on the d/l but Roger and I totally held hands on this walk.
There were empty lots that I wanted to baseball in, just like the Sandlot!

There is no shortage of cute doors here!
Parking lots...
The setting sun again, Hello!
There is also this random statue of Ghandi that we passed by with a party going on around him!
Hark: Party goers (Please note there was food present, I almost crashed the party but something tells me they would know I didn't fit in...)
Back to reading for me! See you on the flip side!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gosh Darn I'm Tired...and hungry...

Phew, what a day. Just got home (8:00pm) after a full day o' class. My brain is tired. My body is tired. My soul is tired. No more words...words hurt my head. Let's think of fluffy things...fluffy fluffy clouds I just want to sleep in.
Clouds are nice.My rooftop is also nice. Let's reflect with pictures shall we? Yes! Lets!
I would like to know who jammed stuff in this bench. Was it a seagull? Was it a humanoid? Just like Stonehenge it will remain amongst a fantastical mystery.
I like to pretend that the Hulk came through my roof and busted through this wall. Definitely plausible. Dear Sir. Hulk, Thanks for sparring my apartment. Keep it real, Katie
I'm not sure what kind of plant this is, but I think it is very nice.

Sunsets are also very calming and relaxing. Let there be lightttttt!! Ohhh Ahh!!
I find this apartment hilarious, look at all those beanbags in the window!

And more with the sky....
Le Me.
That's all she wrote folks. I have to go shovel as much food as possible in my mouth and do mountains of reading.

Ps. I got a syllabus today with TWENTY-EIGHT pages. Buckle your seat belts it's going to be a crazycray year. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day....checkkkk

Here is a picture of me looking epically into my future as a Masters student. I understand if you couldn't recognize me at first, I probably look wiser and smarter after my first day.

I have absolute no clue what this building is. I do however know it is not where I go to get my ID, I still am ID-less.
Check out the foliage on that one!
This just in I go to school at Hogwarts, I'm getting my masters in sorcery. 
Hello cathedral, It's a pleasure.
I got the first day jitters and ended up getting to school wayyy tooo early. Hark the benches that housed my bottom for a good half hour.

Anecdote: I got totally and COMPLETELY lost when going to my first class this morning. I spent a good fifteen minutes looking for a fifth floor in a four floor building, a search which took me to the roof THREE times (some people just never learn). It took some time but I finally realized that I confused the class listing as the room number. How did I ever make it to higher education?
Check out this wicked cute notebook I got at the bookstore!! It was labeled "Dogs wearing sweaters" Who with a heart could pass that up?!? I for one don't have that sort of strength.
My absolute favorite pens! Now I'm good to go!
What does this look like to you? A pile of books? Hmm..looks like $400(!!!!!!) to me!

Phew, I'm tired after my first day. Off to chug more coffee!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Survived (More Importantly I Have Power!!)

Hurricane Irene's bark was (luckily!) way worst than her bite. I found ways to keep busy while she huffed and puffed-most of them included looking good (see image below).
I was actually at the hospital yesterday for my second Remicade infusion for my Ulcerative Colitis. I will forever refer to this as "extreme infusion" trying to catch a taxi in a hurricane takes lots o' luck.

The window kept making awful noise with all the wind, I thought it was going to blow in! Waah!
Roger read literature while I engaged in shenanigans.
Caught in the act: Shenanigans.
Drip faster suckers! I have places to beeeeeee.
Check out my sweet hospital bracelet. This would have come in helpful if the window did blow in and I got conked on the head and forgot who I was...or ended up in Oz. I am happy to report this did no happen.
Air Jordan accompanied to the appointment, he's a gentleman. Side note: I love this backpack.
It's hardcore to get internet access around here, each patient gets their own access code. Big Brother is watching.
These curtains get so boring after a couple of hours. White polka dot....white polka dot...white polka dot...I'd like some switch ups. Maybe a square here or there.
We played fruit ninja. Ever play? Good times.
I got a little punchy and Roger nabbed the camera. Regard the aftermath.
Captured: A victim of Hurricane Irene. I think the stress of it all got to much for my poor little orchid, because in the middle of watching a weather report the news this poor little guy drifted to the carpet like the rose in Beauty and the Beast. Times is hard.
And here's the fort during Hurricane Irene.
We ordered $45 worth of Domino's Pizza thinking it could sustain us for days. Luckily we never lost power (YESSSSS). My parent on the other hand are powerless and could be for weeks!! AHH!
Here's what I'm working with today
This is my last day of summer, as of tomorrow I am officially a graduate student!! I already have homework, better get to it!!!