Sunday, September 18, 2011

Procrasination Nation

I don't want to write my paper, I just don't wanna. Here are two pictures of me pouting about it.

I've done so much reading on holding group therapy I think my eyeballs might fall out my head. I'm looking to change things up and am thinking about hiring someone to read out loud to me. Anyone interested? Accents are a plus.

I won't subject you to any more pictures of all the reading I have to do, here are some pictures I took over the summer and never posted. The great cool down is amongst us!

Sorry for the lack of commentary, my noodle is fried. I'm capable of looking at pictures and watching the Emmys at this point in my life.

Hope everyone has a lovely start to the week!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday is the New Friday

Thursday is totally the new Friday. No class or internship tomorrow wooty woo! I will however, be at the hospital getting a bunch o' shots. Here are some instragrams of my life of late. Beginning with pigeons I walk by every morning before my internship...Please don't poop on me!
Joes Joes aka Trader Joes OREOS. I'm not fooled. I know what these are supposed to be...and they ARE SO MUCH BETTER. I have an addiction and I don't want a cure.
No picture better sums up my life than this one. Please note the oppressive calendar mocking me from the back.
Here's a picture I took of a rainy day at school.
Stairs outside of my internship.
One of the best parts of Fall? STARBUCKS FALL DRINKS. I'm loving Salted Caramel Mocha. Yum!
Check out the sun yesterday morning! It burnsss!
Target, I love thee.
Plants outside of my internship.
Not to brag but Roger is probably the best boyfriend ever. There I said it. (I would like to note I have the right to take back this title whenever I want, and I will probably do so within the next five minutes...he better enjoy it while it lasts) Anyway.....he came back with this Doctor Who game the other day because who knew I was stressing about school. Da best.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Once You Pop the Fun Don't Stop

Greetings Blogosphere, how you doing? You look good....I think. Let's continue our Adams Morgan journey, chesssssss?
I thought this building looked super fun and cheery until I read what it is. A MATH HOUSE. Clearly it it's a slaughterhouse in disguise and nothing I will ever enjoy.
So tempted to steal one of these scooters.

Nosey me has to peep in every window I see. Does anyone else love walking around at night just because you can see into peoples apartments better? Creeper is my middle name. I keep it legal though, and stick to facebook.
This guy was parked outside of this restaurant for a good long while, he was a very good sport and very good looking.
Pretty sky!
Cool Houses!
I couldn't believe it when I looked up and all the sudden the Washington Monument was RIGHT THERE. DC is crazy like that, I swear every time I'm lost I end up at the White House...Hey, do you think that's a sign? KATIE FOR PRESIDENT.
Graffiti garden.
Looked like a quiet and reflective bus stop. Makes me feel zen just looking at it.
I would like to say I ran to Adams Morgan with this pair....I didn't. I'm thinking about wearing my sneakers out and about just so I can at least look like I worked out. Baby steps.

Roger is looking a little anxious here isn't he? It's because we were about to spin the wheel at Mellow Mushroom and he knows losing is not an option. I wanted some swag gosh darn.
And swag we got! I won a shopping bag and Roger got a hat. Woooo! Big winners!!!
There was music but no dancing!

There were also tons of lost balloons :( Anyone ever remember the second Brave Little Toaster movie with all of the balloons in space? Classic.

Adams Morgan is magical, shoes grow on street lights.
Why hello there pretty lady.

This is love in the making! xoxoxo

I'm off to cram in an episode of Dance Moms before I pass out! Can't wait for tomorrow evening when my weekend commences!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adams Morgan Day Funfair

Sunday was the Adams Morgan Day Festival here in DC! Roger and I went and fun was had by all. Here is a picture of my feet walking there. It's a totally accidentally picture but it proves I have at least one foot, juts in case there was any question.
 Hello Imperial House, how is your neighbor Inferior House?
 I love these apartments.
 So many places were covered in Vines! (Remind anyone else of Madeline?)
 Still viney...
 More vines....
 Baby wants in the house.
 These chairs were very little, sitting in the middle of this garden made me think they were for gnomes!
 No idea what this cage is for. The only logical thing I can think of is this area hosts cage matches when the sun goes down. See you there Friday night? I'll be the one in the spandex wrestling costume.
 I liked this paint test on the wall. Tiffany blue is a good color no matter where you put it!
 This poor tent looks like a bust, hope it got tons of visitors later on! If not I suggest free swag! I love me some free swag.
 Adams Morgan Day Wooooo!
 There was a dog in here up for adoption that I really thought Roger was going to walk away with. It took tons of strength and discipline to leave without that big guy (the dog...not Roger).
 Playgrounds and Porta potty. I'll take things that start with P for 100.

 There were a lot of lost balloons that day. Whomp whomp.
 Adams Morgan Day: Behold, signage!
 Check out the lotto truck that was there! I regret not buying a ticket very much, I feel like a moving vehicle is way luckier than your average convenience store!
I took like a million-jillion pictures so expect more to come tomorrow (now that I'm a boring grad student I have to hoard events to post about!!)
That's all folks.