Friday, September 9, 2011

A List of Things I Like This Week

Oatmeal with blueberries and raspberries! Fantastic! It tastes best when served with coffee in a Tardis mug.
This water bottle, straws are cool.
Fall candles! My apartment smells like scarecrows live here.

This tea cup my Grandma sent me..

and this Kitchen Witch!!

Watching Mad Men instead of doing reading from school....I'll get to it eventually...
A new Cosmo in my mailbox!
Delicious salad with Falafel
 Playing Tetris

Now that which I am not digging...

Having blood tests done today, the nurse was a student who was learning how to draw blood. It did not go smoothly. I took it a like a champ though.
I am also not diggging the fact that everyone who lived in this apartment before Roger and I seemed to just jet out of town, no address change or anything. That means I'm getting everyone's mail.
So far I have received other peoples
-Food and Wine Magazines
-Fed-ex Packages
-Ez Pass Bills
-Pennsylvania Bar Newsletters
-and a shart ton of other stuff I'm forgetting. Gee-whiz.

I don't have a picture of what I am wearing so here is a picture of me doing a face mask and making a silly face. Your welcome! Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. love the tardis mug!!!hahah
    face mask photos are the best!hahah

  2. haha I love the fall decor :)

  3. Awww, DR. Who!!! Love the mug. Hope your arm doesn't bruise up too badly from the hackjob the intern did...

  4. What a day full adventure :P
    Good thing you took as a pro at the blood test ;)


  5. That tea cup is ssooo cute! :) and talking about school work.. maybe I should get to it soon too...


  6. Besides those minor setbacks, seems like a good week :)

  7. The candle's awesome, I've never come across pumpkin-scented before! The teacup is adorable as well.

  8. The straw of the cute bottle is cute! :D

  9. I'm loving pretty much all of those! I especially love the Fall scented candles. We had an apple one going in the kitchen yesterday and I almost forgot that it was still hot and muggy outside. :)

  10. The blue bottle is very cool, I think it will lessen your thirst when you drink in this bottle, some psych colors are helping, as cool as the owner of the blog

    Zero Dramas

  11. Love the facts!
    Some time ago I was hooked on Tetris.. Amazing game :D

  12. Love the pics, the tea cup is beautiful! x

  13. ah what a week lady! . . . blood tessts never go smoothly with me , student nurse or not. good girl for taing it though! I love that you are getting other peoples post. I was stood outside my boyfriends flat (I dont even live there) and was talking to him through the window. . (i.e. he was shouting at me to go buy him coffee before I was allowed up!) and the postman arrives, looks at me and says "number 10 yea?" I obviously say yes, assuming he was going to give me Pete's post, but he hands me Miss Scott's post and says "have a good day Sarah" . . ahaha. I don't live there" . . . so funny. . . sorry for story time!! tee hee. . have a good weekend!

  14. i'm totally digging all these pretty thingies. the teacup is oh so lovely!

  15. New Cosmos and oatmeal and coffee!! now we're talking! The smores cndle smells so good, but I went with the Mint Chocolate and Creamy Pumpkin!

  16. There's such thing as a Tardis mug??! I need one! I also need to get me some candles - gotta love a scented candle! Bleugh, blood tests... I have to get one done soon :( x x


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