Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Metro Confessional

The metro is my major means of transportation here in DC. I have to say, for the most part I'm a big fan of the metro system. Confession: I am not the worlds greatest driver. I spend most of my time behind the wheel stressing about the rules of the road, so it's nice to sit back and have some one take me where I need to go.
The DC Metro system is very nice and clean. I dig it.
However, you see some weird things go down on the metro. Most of the time I want to scream out, "DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THIS HAPPENING!?!!" Most of the time the answer seems to be no, unless DC has mastered the art of poker face.
Take this guy for example. When he first sat down in front of my I was terrified these were weapons of mass destruction. Little did I know he carried weapons of mass seduction. Thats right people, he is a perfume peddler. Those vials labeled with stickers saying"Juicy Couture" and "Coach Poppy." Not only did I survive the experience but he smelled delightfully like baby powder. He was though, I would like to note, chewing on a stick (a legit stick, like the former arm of a tree) the entire time.
I'm bummed to say these escalators never work, it is the number one reason I don't feel guilty for not making to the gym.
It was a rainy x234082934 nasty day outside. I don't want to be over dramatic but it might have been enough to classify as a monsoon. I'm sure weather people are looking into it.
Proof of rainy weather.
Homeless tree bits, perhaps they are cousins to the stick the perfume guy was chewing on.
Garbage in the streets, never said I was living in the cleanest city in the world.


  1. I love seems like you don't like rain..:( Whats with the perfume man?? Ha..Ha..FUNNY!!!

  2. I wish we have that kind of transportation here!
    Since I'm a terrible river as well :p


  3. LOL the guys with the perfumes :D

  4. great photos..
    your posts are like small adventures:) its really cool!

  5. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! Really great photos I like them!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  6. I admit, I wouldn't mind driving a car, but I find taking the subway so much easier.

  7. Ha, I would have thought the exact same thing re: perfume man. Call me neurotic but you just can't be too careful...

    Glad to hear you're having fun, even if the weather is rubbish x

  8. thanks for starting my day out with a laugh, again!

  9. i wish we have a better metro system here, the train only connects a to a few places and we always have to drive :( i get so stressful too!!!


  10. aahahaha you are hilarious... I love the sarcasm... it has seriously been raining WAY too much, I must concur with you about the monsoon comment haha

  11. Wow, that perfume guy really scared me--you capture city living so perfectly, the weird, bad, and the ugly. Reminds me of my 5 years in NYC, where I saw so many strange things in the subway and you're right, nobody every commented.

    xo Mary Jo

  12. great pics!!! :)

    xo Emma

  13. London's metro is definitely not that clean and trains are very often delayed. Still, without it, the city would just collapse. And like iDC nobody here speaks to each other either.

    I am lucky, i work near my home, so i can walk and not use London transport every day.

    And i love the picture of the perfume guy.

  14. No worries Katie I have a confession that is even worst: I have a driving licence, but last time I drove a car was 13 years ago...basically immediatly after I passed the exam...I have to love public transport!

  15. We don't have metro, but we have streetcabs. I hate them, but I can't live without them. :D

  16. Woah, I'd be freaked out by that guy too :S have never seen anyone like that in London before! x x

  17. ahh i need some rain!! its so hot in cali right now. fall needs to start!
    and i wish cali had a metro system.. i love using the metro in NY and Europe!

    come visit for a minkpink giveaway!


  18. A clean metro! Now I would like to see that. And LOL what is that guy doing?? I really do want to ask him...

  19. I don't neither like to drive, maybe because I'm horrible at it, so I go everywhere in train or in bus. And, I agree, it's the place where most weird things I've seem.

  20. hate driving!! metro ans cabs are so much better!!

  21. Rainy weather here in Ann Arbor too. And I must say that being from Hong Kong I love trains to death too. I still can't drive yet (haven't taken the test). Gotta settle with the bus here for now.

  22. Metro photos are always amazing! And I love yours! Metro is also my major means of transportation here in Lisbon. It's easier, faster, and eco-friendly (since you're not using a car).
    It seems like you don't like rain! I love rainy days! ^^

  23. Loving this pics! They remind me of the big citys, really big wich we don't have in Croatia.:(

    See ya! ;)



  24. Haha this was funny. And that guy was hysterical.

    I loveeeddd the subway in Seoul. So convenient--and I am a horrible driver!!

  25. haha this is a really funny post. i actually love the smell of the metro in dc. its a weird musky scent that is oddly beautiful. i do have to vouch for the complaint about the escalators that dont work. omg. trying to haul a luggage up or down those things is HORRIBLE. but your odd people have nothing on new yorkers. and your "dirty" streets are very odd to come by. i remember when i first went to visit dc i tried to explain it and then my friend just said its very "clean" and that was the perfect word.

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