Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fantasty Football Saturday

Roger had a rough week of teaching so we decided to escape the city and hang out at his house in Maryland. The morning started off slowly with homework and much devouring of Kit Kats.
Roger cuddled up with this vicious killer. (For the record this 6 pound dog has a bum leg and is deaf).
He also devoured an entire package of double stuffed fudge cookies. Behold a shaky picture of the proof.
We worked in a round of golf with some golf clubs his brother picked up at the Salvation Army store. For the record I was better than Roger, he will deny it, but I want the internet to know the truth. It's only the right.
Here is how you know we are truly in Maryland: Crab traps!!
Check out the greatest purchase of the day! A telescope we picked up at BJs that was on sale for $20! It's called the Celestron...pretty fantastic name. 
Roger fancied himself a photographer today, here is a photo he snapped of me contemplating nature. Truth be told I'm probably contemplating what I'll have for lunch though, or wondering why a bird was flying over me and evaluating the chances of getting pooped on. 
Here is more of Roger's handiwork. I'm totally dating him for his talent.
We fully embraced the country lifestyle and I trimmed Roger's hair out on the porch. Here are some of his ginger locks hanging out on a chair. More importantly please note my pink socks, I dig 'em.

Roger's house is very football centric. I am not. After taking this picture to prove I was in the same room as a football game I resumed playing Tetris on my phone.
Picture from the car, this Roger's hood.
The Celestron revisited: Here it is coming home from BJs! Wooo!
More of Roger's neighborhood. Lovely.
The man himself. What a lovely haircut he has.
Something miraculous happened today. I had a Cookies & Cream milkshake from Chick-fil-A. I loved every second I spent slurping that up. Whenever oreos are clogging up your straw you know good things are going on. Fact.

And here is the moment we spent all day waiting for (drumroll please) FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT. I said it was a very football-centric household! Roger and his brother both play in the same pretend league and got together for the great draft. I begged and begged to be allowed to pick a player but wasn't allowed after Roger quizzed me on all the different positions. I don't know a damn thing about the sport.

After much begging and convincing on my part I was allowed to pick the Kicker. Roger made it clear this is the least important person on the team and he is picked completely last (even after bench people are picked!) However I think he will change his tune when I when him a game. YOUR WELCOME ROGER.
Annnnddd me.

Roger is really into playing something called Warhammer. Familiar with it? I just heard a hundred million Nos. (to be honest you people aren't missing out on anything...I'm going to be one very bored Katie tomorrow) For anyone interested in foraying into this land of Warhammer here is a video from Roger's Warhammer Youtube channel.


  1. haha, love that you were playing Tetris while football was on...sounds like something I would do.

  2. You look lovely! Seems like a great day. :)

  3. What a lovely weekend! Minus the football stff...I don't get that, which is worthy of a good shunning in western pa...ya know, steeler nation?

  4. I love the first two pictures: so wired! In a very good way of course
    Take care
    Sara C.

  5. A telescope for 20 bucks? No way! O_o :)

  6. I have a rule: everything which start with Kit Kat, has a happy end. Actually, everything which is related with Kit Kat is good...haha It seems the perfect way to relax after a busy first week.

  7. Hmmmm...Kit Kat ?? I adore them ! I like your blog, you've got such a fun way to write ! I'd like us to follow each other if you want to, so we keep in touch. Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

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  8. lovely photos! i have new post in my blog! i follow you, follow me bak please!

  9. LOL- Solitaire is my secondary form of entertainment while everyone is watching the football game... ;) And Kit Kats are a good energizer during homework, I'd say.

  10. The tiered plate with the kit kat bars made me laugh :) cute photos!

  11. Nice pics, you dog is so cute!!! :)



  12. Hehehe Kit Kats! So yummy!
    Your posts are always so much fun :)

  13. Looks like you had a lot of fun, love the pics! And the kit kats make me hungry :c

  14. I'd explain the basic rules of football to you if you wanted to hear :)

  15. Love the play-by-play of the day. Those Kit Kats look tempting

  16. looks like such a fun life you have in the country :)

    cute pink socks!


  17. Wow! You have a great day. KitKat is one of my favourite. :)

  18. wow!! this is such a great post!! :)
    love your shirt!
    I have a new special post on my blog...I would love if you pass by!
    have a nice day! :D

  19. It seems it was a good weekend :)
    I like the photo of you out in the porch :)

  20. mmm kit kats

    Meena ♥

  21. I love the one of you contemplating nature! :o)
    also haha wait does everyone own crab traps in Maryland? That's awesome!

  22. you took some gorgeous shots & sounds like you had an awesome day. i really want to take a roadtrip now & take about a million shots.x

  23. Nice pictures !!
    Do you want to follow each other :) ?


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