Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Capital and Smithsonian Art Museums

Today was an aimless day. I took the metro to the Smithsonian and just popped in whatever museum I passed by. Sometimes this worked, I loved the National Gallery of Art, where I saw Picasso's, VanGogh's, Monet, Renoir, the whole gang was there.  Sometimes random museum hopping backfired like with the Smithsonian Castle (which I may not have given a fair chance, I was out once I saw a crypt) and the Freer Art Gallery (Asian art just isn't my thing, but I do love me some Asian food.

 A VanGogh (who, no lie, I'm into just because of Doctor Who)

 Ohhhh, ahhhhh, a rock!

 The Capitoline Venus on loan from Rome, word on the street (aka museum wall) is Mr. Mark Twain was into this marble lady. Get it Mark, get it.
More rocks!

 This dog reminded me of a certain someone....

This man set up an easel in the National Gallery of Art and was doing an awesome painting of an on display painting.

If anyone is looking for a present to give me, I wouldn't mind me some Hope Diamond (if someone could get rid of that pesky little curse).

I ended up by the capital which I thought was pretty cool, as you can see by the nine million pictures I took.

 I spyed the Washington monument getting of the metro.

In an attempt to live up to my girl Martha Stewart I strung up this flower garland, I'm digging it. It says I'm here to party but also live a classy lifestyle.

Finally, here is a picture of my new skirt I got at Anthropologie, I'm feeling pretty hot to trot in it (this largely because I got it $50 off. Why yes, I will high five myself for that.)

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