Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coming at you live from Starbucks

Today is one of those days which should require full nudity. I am sitting outside of a Starbucks melting away; literally patting self down with a napkin every 2 1/2 seconds. I'm wearing the thinnest tank top in my artillery and it may as well be pleather with the drops of sweat I'm rocking. Here are photos of me operating outside of Starbucks, I've included an action shot of me wiping the sweat of my brow because I'm fun like that.

I took a walk through my neighborhood while a plumber was looking at my rusted sink (still have another week and half to go before I can use my bathroom sink thank you very much) and I snapped some pictures. So here you have it Washington DC as seen through my sweat covered lens.

I called Georgetown's hospital Infusion Center to schedule my first three treatments of Remicade, and I'll be darned if it didn't make me long to put needles through my eye. They are booked solid (at least I got one of those cool, hip, popular diseases), and I they can't fit me in before August 12th, weeks from now. This means a) I still be receiving the first few treatments while going to school and interning (bahhhh) and b) I have no idea what I am supposed to do before that. Also, because my other medications caused pancreatitis I'm sans pills at the moment, so while the Prednisone makes me feel better it's all a lie and my body is not really getting any help with healing itself at the moment.
Ulcerative colitis kinda blows. I also have no idea what I am able to eat at this point, will I have to wait until September to begin eating like a normal humanoid again? If it meant eating a raw fruit or vegetable I would seriously consider doing some dirty dirty things...just putting it out there.

Just in case someone ever reads this who is not me I will give you the lowdown: my intestines and colon are essentially destroyed and can't handle working too hard/at all to digest. What does that mean? I can only eat supremely boring white foods which require no processing: white bread, white rice, potatoes (no skin) pretty much anything boring and nothing with nutrition. As a vegetarian this really blows because I can't eat any fruits (other than bananas), whole grains, nuts or vegetables.

I'm way sick of feeling sick at this point. I just want to be off the Prednisone so I can feel like me again, unfortunately it's going to be a long wait until September. Boo.

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