Monday, July 25, 2011

Living the life.

 I'm in love with canning jars, I think they make anything look so fun and classtastic. Only problem is I have nothing to put in these jars....working on it.
 Hello new plants, how you doing? Grow well little pals grow well. (On sale at Target holla)
 My Arts and Crafts project of the day was stringing together sparkly pompoms I found in the $1 section at Target. Makes the place look like its ready for a party! I strung it up over the fireplace and the bed.

I've been a busy art beaver lately, here is my wall o' stuff.

 Got a table cloth for our new table!
I love me some canning jars, like seriously l-o-v-e. I don't have anything to put in these little fellers yet but I'm totally working on it. Ideas?

 Here's a shot of the side table in the living room, full or nail polish, vitamins, fruits, lamps, a candle, tissue box, and a class vase full of sea shells.


  1. All your photos look so adorable!


  2. We use canning jars instead of drinking glasses, and as vases. And in the bathroom to store cotton balls, etc. Pretty much everywhere. And, can!

  3. I love colorful pom poms. They definitely make a place look more festive. So cute how you hung them up over your bed. I love that idea!


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