Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loving the Weekend

Walked around Dupont Circle this morning, although it still more humid and hot than molten lava, but it was absolutely gorgeous out. Seriously, the sky was the most beautiful blue I've seen in ages.

 You thought I was lying about the sky didn't you? PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.

 It scared me, guess it's working.

  I have sort of a thing for alley pictures. I'm looking into cures, but until then.

Court of appeals, looking pretty epic.
Ended up at the Newseum today, which is pretty much exactly what you think it is- a museum dedicated to news. It was super interactive and I pretty much loved it. My favorite exhibit (which I did get any pictures of, me bad) was on all the First Dogs. George Washington was a dog breeder and enjoyed naming his dogs after drinking (Tipsey, Drunkard ect). Of this I speak the truth.

The museum had an exhibit on Katrina, here is some of the wood people used to board up their homes. I hope his ugly woman kept him safe and didn't beat him senseless when she saw what he wrote. Katrina was beyond horrible, but who being trapped with an angry woman for days on end? God give you strength.

They had an amazingly well-done 9/11 exhibit that featured newspaper headlines from around the world, a projector displaying letters written about the exhibit from children, and even a piece of the tower that survived the attack.

You know those facebook/myspace girls with all the weird angled photos they took of themselves? I have a new found respect for them. Taking pictures of yourself is harrrddd!! After three to five embarrassing closeups of sweat rolling down my cheek an incredibly kind stranger took pity on me and offered to take a pic of the boyfriend and I outside of the museum. God bless her, this is a million percent more flattering than my failed attempts at capturing the moment. Please note that my Nikon is still strapped to across my chest, I have seen Dateline enough times to know the drill. You know, people offering to take your picture and then running off with your cameras. Paranoia, it's contagious. You're welcome.

I'm so bummed that my beautiful flowers on on their last leg, here is their celebratory photo-op, if you will, and a little something-something to remember them by.

Ode to my flowers (a haiku)
Oh, such pretty color
Thanks for you decoration
I'm sorry this is it.

What I've been doodling in my sketchbook lately. I'm digging the camel. Please note the remote control trying to keep the pages down, I like to keep it real like that.

Here's my what I wore today outfit, but you may notice from certain earlier photos that this is actually a lie. I changed into a pair of denim shorts because while I love these high-waisted shorts they drive me crizazy, check out the wrinklage, and I SWEAR I ironed them, they crease with the littlest leg motion. Oy.


  1. Wow, you took a lot of great pictures! It would be so much fun to live in D.C. and have all of the museums and monuments right in your backyard (so to speak).

    Cute outfit!


  2. Lovely blog.

  3. great post !


  4. Great photos!

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    have a great Sunday!

  6. Everybody loves weekend! Great pictures!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!
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  7. hot as molten lava and i have become well acquainted. thanks so much for visiting my blog :) led me back to yours!

  8. really great photography! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, visit again soon :) xxx

  9. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! You are such a talented photographer, I couldn't help but smile at the one with the westie warning, it must be so inspiring to live somewhere so beautiful. I love your outfit as well, those shorts are fantastic xo

  10. following back dear!!!!
    the sky is so blue in my country too :)


  11. I love the "property protected by a westie" because, as we all know, westies are particularly vicious :)

  12. Summer skies are the bluest. I love it!

  13. Gorgeous skies!!! :) Nothing like a big blue sky to start your day off!

    Belly B :)

  14. love the pics. alley photo obsession= beautiful! don't stop!

  15. Great art work. I like the wrikled shorts, they look more textured. x

  16. I'm loving the peeks into the alleys! Gosh I miss DC!

  17. your fotos are really cool, it seems really an adventure how u get familiar with your new home. i wish u all the best, it´s so exciting to move to a new city and get to know new people. enjoy it!! and thank you for your lovely comment

    love and kiss,mary

  18. That image with the blue sky looks amazing. And I love the one after it as well, love that kind of house. The Newseum sounds like such an interesting place to visit.
    PS: thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

  19. LOVE the shot of the brownstone building against the sky. I have an obsession with brick buildings and that is such a lovely shot. great angle.


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