Friday, July 29, 2011

Of Art and Bugs

My dear internet friends, I need your support and absolution if you feel up to give it. Forgive me interwebs, for I have murdered. This, is the face of infestation. Please note I did not actually take this photo because I was too busy crying and screaming bloody murder. Insects and I are sooooo not on good terms. In fact the last thing the three-inch-long sixty legged little sir heard before meeting his maker (aka a gigantic wad of toilet paper) was my disturbed cry of "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!"
The great sage Google told me (after I ran a search for common apartment bugs) these many-legged devils go under the alias of silverfish or mustache bugs. I am going to file this under a case of false advertisement, mustache bug sounds fun! Look at me I'm a mustache bug! Nothing about these things is as fun as a great 'stache. I killed three of them before ten o'clock this morning...IN THE BATHROOM. Where are you at your most vulnerable? IN THE BATHROOM. Bathrooms are places for bare-feet, pants around ankles, or no pants at all! There are very few layers of protection from these bugs in the bathroom! My Mom has a theory that they crawl up the bathroom drain. That sound you hear? It is a combination of me throwing up and crying. So sorry to start off with such grisly details, lets continue shall we?

Weather update: It's still hot as an Amish oven here, thermometers tapped at around 105 degrees. Sheesh. I used this an opportunity to stay local (and in as much air conditioning as possible) and visited the Phillips Collection, a super fab art museum here in Dupont Circle.

 More Van Gogh! He tickles my fancy.
 The great thing about this museum is you feel like you are visiting a super cool (and rich) friend's house. It's all very cozy, personal and very much enjoyable.
Hello Edward Hopper, nice to see you just hanging around. Should you ever get bored here, I know another certain fireplace where you can hang on or around my mantle. (I bet he gets that all the time).

Check out who I found hanging around the hood! I think they should make water come out of the trunk, just a suggestion.
 Doors are cool.

Here is a picture of me getting ready to head out. I am allowed to do vain things like this because this blog is named after me, durrrrrrr. I'm wearing a sparkly tank from ye ol' H&M and brown cotton shorts from Forever21. Life on a budget 'yall.
 And best for last, LOOK!! SPROUTS! There was only one when I left this morning but I came back to two little guys breaking surface! Grow steady little friends!

But anyway it's Friday (hoorahhh!!) So what do you have planned? Something fun I hope!


  1. I must say this post made me chuckle a great deal! Adore your fun loving spirit, lovely blog :)

    ps. thank you for your post comment!

  2. Hi Katie, Thanks for your lovely comment. Just been reading your bug post & am itching as I type. Keep the plugs in the bath and sink over night so no more crawl out. Ewe.
    Would love you to follow me and will definatly follow back. Enjoyed reading your posts.

  3. Holy crap! I seriously jumped when I saw that bug! Ick.

    And you live in D.C.? That is so neat! Love the pictures of around town.

  4. That bug is HUGE I would have smacked it with a shoe :)

    Van Gogh is one of my fav but his paintings are so much better in person... don't you think? his depth of art is really amazing. He was a total crazy person and lost all his teeth by the time he was in his late 20's. :) I do love the crazies.

  5. love all of your pictures.. except that bug :| eek xx

  6. oooh a sparkley top from H&M! how fun - you look too cute. :) happy weekend!!

  7. I would have killed it too! Or at least would have had my boyfriend do it. Great pictures!!


  8. that bug is really creepy and looks HUGE. :/
    haha cute post though. :) x

  9. OH gosh ew!!!
    I know how you feel! Me and my sister always find those monsters crawling on our bedroom walls at night and start screaming. Lol. It's quite hilarious, other than disgusting! So sorry you have to go through this! ;(

  10. Love these pictures haha except of the first one.. IEW :) x

  11. danks for your cmt, great blog, I follow you :D

  12. Great post!
    Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  13. Love these! I hate bugs and i'd freak out BUT it's kind of beautiful. x hivenn

    HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want.... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade

  15. Very nice post! thanks for visiting my blog

  16. Oh yikes I remember a few friends at uni having issues with these nicely named bugs! Not sure what they did to solve it though :S Nice blog! And I love the way you write :)

    L x

  17. hahaha the bug situation = funny/scary

    i hate bugs!!!!!

    love your blog and thanks you for commenting on mine :)

    do you want to follow each other?
    let me know!


  18. YUCK. Those bugs are so revolting and yes what a misleading name. I am pretty sure that you have done a positive service to society by getting rid of him!

    The Internet Garbage

  19. Eww.. I am so terrified of bugs. I seriously have a huge phobia.

  20. OMG i don't like bugs except lady bugs lol nice pic btw

  21. Lovely blog!! Great photos!!

  22. oh man, i would not have been okay with that bug either. thank goodness for the sage words of google to guide you. i once had a problem with maggots and let me tell you, i was beside myself.

  23. Ahhhh that bug thing looks so scary you poor thing!! I love how you write btw, its so chatty + relatable its brilliant! Also youre outfit is so cute, + the topknot is gorgeous! Xxx

  24. the bug is discusting! :PP
    thanx for leaving a sweet comment in my blog...hope to see you soon back!

  25. Love the pictures! Amazing! Great blog <3


  26. i hate bugs,
    especially cockroaches as those are the current bane of my life, and i dont deny that i get a certain kind of unhealthy thrill from how easily they are squished.

    (thanks for the following, the pressure is now on for me to actual come up with interesting things for you to read!)

  27. The bug is terrifying. I would have cried, too! (I'm practically crying just looking at the dang pic.)

  28. super cool snaps! x

  29. I just ran across your blog (from Love Maegan) and I'm so glad I saw this post! I've been trying to figure out what that bug is for some time now! I HATE those things!

    Anyway..nice pictures & love that elephant. =)


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